Stranded on Earth

The story of Igglyopteron Uberoperon, Crown Prince of Jenakopolala, who crashes his space cruiser on Earth

Igglyopteron Uberoperon
Dr. Clem Goodlight
Igglypop in Command
Igglypop and Clem Goodlight

Stranded on Earth

Igglyopteron Uberoperon - Crown Prince of Jenakopolala crash lands his new space cruiser on the planet Earth. To his good luck he lands next to the renowned astrophysicist, Clem Goodlight, who is on a fishing vacation.

Dr. Goodlight and his family welcome the Crown Prince into their lives and nickname him Igglypop.

Their friends at Washamagumption University work together and help the Crown Prince to fix his space cruiser and get home.

How they do this is somewhat ingenious.