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Squeaky Toy Robot

Mr. Takumi Ningyōshi-san created the Ayatsuri Ningyō Robot as the most complex and sophisticated robot he has ever built.

Ayatsuri Ningyō Robot has one of the most advanced positronic brains ever used in a robot. Mr. Ningyōshi-san spent two years working on the platinum and iridium circuitry of his complex robot brain.

It took six months for Mr. Ningyōshi-san to program the ningyō robot’s operating system, beginning with the three laws of robotics and including sub-routines for the very important 3 H’s - helpfulness, happiness and humor. Ayatsuri Ningyō Robot’s face is also highly expressive, so it looks almost human. If Ayatsuri were taller than three feet, one could mistake him for a little boy!

Because ningyō robot was built as a prototype, it is powered by a tungsten spring that can be wound up using a special handle on his stomach. Mr. Ningyōshi-san enters his ningyō robot in the International Society of Neurological Robotics “Competition of Robots” and wins first prize at the conference.

But now he has to protect his ningyō robot at all costs and not let him fall into the wrong hands. In his acceptance speech, Mr. Ningyōshi-san uses the opportunity to present his Ayasturi Ningyō Robot to Dr. Talltale as a token of his appreciation and to remove the little robot out of harm’s way.